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Whew, what a busy day...

Posted by jameshillgoats on September 8, 2013 at 1:35 AM

It has been a very (HOT!) and busy day on our homeplace today.  After any early trip to the feed store, we jumped straight in to building an addition to our chicken pens. Hubby says I can no longer use the word "pens" to describe our chicken housing...he says I must use the term "complex"! I must admit there is more than a little truth to his perception.  Today we built an additional 8' x 8' run, and doubled the free-range area.

What brought this all on was the purchase of a new trio of both Black Copper Marans and Black/Blue Ameraucanas.  They are the next step in our "olive egg" project.  We settled on those two breeds exclusively for the OE project, and passed our Salmon Faverolles, Penedesenca roo and EE's on to a friend who is starting her own OE/EE adventure.

 And speaking of olive eggers...did I mention we had a 100% hatch on the seven OE eggs we set?  6 of them are Marans/Ameraucana crosses, with the 7th being a Penedesenca/EE cross.  It was our first hatch with our new Brinsea incubator, and I can't recommend it highly enough.  Incredibly easy to use, just set it and go!  Clean-up was simple too. We have a second batch in it now, with 13 days to go (Jubilee Orpingtons, the only other breed we are now keeping). 

   Well, those adorable fluffy OE chicks have GROWN like WEEDS, and are in need of permanent housing outdoors.  They are currently sharing our son's bedroom, and now that they are getting older, louder and smellier, he is ready to issue an eviction notice. We should have the run construction finished up tomorrow, though they will have a temporary coop until I can complete their permanent house and landscaping in the free range area next week.  If my camera doesn't melt in this Louisiana heat, I'll post some pics of the newest additions to our flock tomorrow! 



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