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Starting a business venture (adventure???)...

Posted by jameshillgoats on January 28, 2015 at 1:20 AM

When my mother offered to let me purchase my own chickens, I thought it would be fun to raise my own breed of chickens, and would make a great project for 4H.  But as time passed, I let the responsibility for my small flock slide back to my parents.  I mean, they were tending the main flock of chickens...what's a few more, right?

Then my mom came to me with an idea.  Since I'm older and capable of taking on a bigger project, why not expand my flock and take this on as a REAL business venture?  I admit I was sceptical.  But after some budgeting and planning sessions with Mom, I really think I can do this.

The coops are (mostly) built, my second breed of chicks (Bantam Cochins) are almost ready to lay, and another chick order has been placed for standard-size egg layers.  Since we have a liking for a colorful egg basket, we will continue to raise Black Copper Marans, Ameraucanas and Olive Eggers, and will be adding Welsummers, Barred Rocks and Delawares to our flock.  

As soon as the coop building is complete, the entire "chicken operation" at James Hill will become mine to handle.  It's going to be a big responsibility, but I think I'm up to the challenge!  



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